01 Giugno 2023
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Display legs and busts
for underware and orthopedic products

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A&V Italia

Orthopedics display and mannequins
Orthopedics display and mannequins
For over 40 years, A & V Italia has been producing exhibitors, mannequin displays and accessories specialized in lingerie, underwear and orthopedics products.

We offer many models, from visual mannequin & orthopedic display small to large. Every visual display from us has quality, resistance, possibility of customization.
We have been serving manufacturing industries for over 40 years, with professionalism, fast production, safe shipping all over around the world.

Orthopedics display, lingerie display, clothes display

Legs and foots mannequins

For many years, our company has specialized in the creation of display for woman's and man's stockings.
We can print your logo and customize your packaging.
Many important stocking factories use our “legs”.
[Legs and foots mannequins]

Orthopedic Display

The exhibitors and busts of this line, they are all designed and built for the orthopedic products.
Our Orthopedic Displays guarantee the optimal fit of graduated compression stockings, girdles, anklets, etc.
We can print your logo on each orthopedic display
[Orthopedic Display]

Busts and Torsos Mannequins

These busts are specially created for underwear to pantyhose and leggins.
We can print your logo and customize your packaging.
Our displays are present all over the world.
[Busts and Torsos Mannequins]


The Exhibitor is not an accessory!
It is an essential selling element for any product.
We plan and create promotional exhibitors for counter-tops, floor, revolving in plexiglass, iron, wood and stainless steel. ...

[exhibitor mannequin]

You have a special request?

Contact us, we will take care of your project.

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